of DEC/20: My uni's language test determined me as a C2, but I think I still have some work to do to reach the native level, so plz excuse my errors thanks :-)

there is no doubt that learning the English language made me become the person I am today, and sort of "saved" me- I know, it's kind of a big statement to make lol, but the English internet has been my main source of comfort for years, before meeting my bestest friend; I met her on tumblr, she's from London and me, her and her sister have been inseparable ever since :'-) they (and their parents as well!) are the best people I know and I can't believe how lucky I got to meet them it didn't only "save" me psychologically, but also academically: I adored English grammar (might not look like it lmao) and English literature in school, and I was able to get good grades even if my energy was way below 0.
of 2/FEB/21: yesterday I had my B2 exam, today they sent us the grades: 84/100. Honestly I was hoping for something better, but at least I passed. I personally believe my problem is the listening/talking part, but I can't see the corrections yet, so I can't be sure. I really want to do better
of DEC/20: currently studying for the B2 and will hopefully reach it in February

I started seriously studying Chinese at the beginning of 2018. I already knew the basics, which made me confident enough to raise my hand in class and try to answer the professors’ questions. Since then, studying Chinese has always helped me calm down, regain focus, feel refreshed and even made me feel proud. I’m not the best of the class but I’m doing good, and I’m determined not to let my problematic competitive mindset ruin this for me.
I’ve decided to write my bio in Chinese and to use it here and there on this blog, hopefully it doesn’t look like I’m boasting!
of MAR/21: trying to watch French YT videos every day, trying to read a book in French (White Oleander, so I already know what's going on in case I feel lost).. really need to pick this language up again
(DEC/20) honestly there haven't been updates since I turned 18 lol. Anyway I think I'm a B1 and French have a complicated relationship, lol. Technically, I’d love to be amazing at it. I started learning it when I was 11, in middle school, and I used to hate it, haha. I think I don’t like Romance languages because they’re too close to my native language; several things seem so similar, yet are in fact pretty different and it confuses me. I also don’t particularly like France (if you’re French pls forgive me)— I mean, the places I’ve been to, aka Paris and random villages. That being said, I still want to visit new places in France and I’m determined to reach the C1 level (not C2 because that’s just not realistic lol).
never again

Yeah. I'm putting Spanish here just because. I mean, I actually studied it and everything, but I never really liked it. I just had to study it in high school, lol. The culture and literature part, on the other hand, were great. So yeah, there you go. These are all the languages I've studied so far.


If everything goes as planned, I'll start studying it in September ('21). I've always loved Japanese culture, but the amount of weeaboos attracted by it has always been kind of a deterrent to me (lamest reason why, I know).
Tigrinya is one of the most fascinating languages I’ve ever encountered. As far as I know, it’s spoken in Ethiopia and Eritrea, and the reason why I want to learn it is mainly because of Eritrea. I’ve never been there, but my country, ehm, c*lonised Eritrea, which means there are several Eritrean restaurants in my city, and even a sort of mini “Eritrea Town”. I’ve always adored their typical foods and loved how their language sounds and looks. One of my biggest dreams is to visit the country as a volunteer, and be able to learn even more about their culture.
As for now.. I have a grammar book, but no actual progresses have been made yet.
Basically, my first love. The only reason why I've delayed studying it for such a long time is because it can't be a priority- a girl has to pay her rent
a great percentage of my city’s Chinese citizens are the grandsons and grand-grandsons of Wenzhounese immigrants, so I feel like it would be cool to learn it. And also it’s the hardest dialect of all China, called the “Devil’s dialect”, so how COOL is that?! It’s like knowing a whole new language, and I’m all for that
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