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small diary / thought dump exclusively about my language learning process

24 NOV 2022 [JP] they don’t know I write furigana on katakana words
21 NOV 2022 [JP] わたし

12 NOV 2022 [CH] someone wrote this by hand and posted it on 小红书 and I copied it, so there are a couple of characters I don't know and I have no idea if I wrote them correctly or not. Chinese is so fuzzy. You don't know a character and you're like yes well the upper left part means rice, moving on

[JP] today's the first day I actually had no idea what on earth the professor was talking about. He literally sat down, said "this is one of the hardest parts of Japanese grammar" and then... idek. Anyway at one point he stopped and looked at me and I smiled and he smiled back ^__^ aw
30 OCT 2022 [CH] pikachu having a bad day

[JP] suddenly realised I can pronounce what's written on my Muji products. I looked at the candle I have on my desk since years and I was like oh wait. Speaking of- before I say this, I truly don’t wanna make fun of this person. It’s just that what he told me really surprised me. So this guy in uni who’s really friendly and nice asked me what pen I use to write kanji, and I told him my favourite is one from Muji. So he was like cool thanks. Then after a couple of days he texts me and says “oh I tried looking for it at Carrefour but they don’t sell it”. Very interesting he assumed Muji resells to Carrefour. I fricking wish they did
28 OCT 2022 [JP] yesterday morning I wrote these during our 8.30am lesson, who would have thought I was gonna be able to do civil things at such an early hour of the day

also on another day I wrote these while looking at the blackboard. They look somewhat cute, in a way...........

23 OCT 2022 [JP] I wasted like 5 minutes on the translation of a letter because it said "I work one day per year" and I kept rereading it because it sounded absurd, then I just left it there and went on and realised the person who was supposed to be writing the letter was santa :-/ I didn't expect this from a university textbook
22 OCT 2022 [CH] I tried to write a passage from Une Vie by 莫泊桑 aka Guy de Maupassant, I found it on 小红书. I wrote it four times: 1. as quickly as possible 2. my standard calligraphy (quick) 3. exam calligraphy (quick but trying to make it somewhat cute) and 4. focusing on each character. I think my standard calligraphy looks better because it conceals all the un-harmonic errors I did in the other two. My native professor told us every character has its centre and all the strokes somehow relate to it. Yeah not mines.
Anyway, I think the only actually wrong character is in the second picture (standard calligraphy), the chatacter before the last one on the first row, 么 (那么好). I can’t imagine a native writing it like that, because that shape is extremely similar to 纟which is the radical of “silk”. But I assume it’s comprehensible as 那么好 is such a common construct (“so beautiful/good”).

16 OCT 2022 [JP] I’m practicing with a pen with a thicker tip. I think I prefer the thinner one, but this is ok too.

8 OCT 2022 [CH/JP] got these in the mail! I was inspired by a video on 小红书. My initial idea was writing Chinese characters with them, but I need to practice to get there. So far I only like 1 hiragana of the gazillion Japanese words I wrote lol :-B

4 OCT 2022 [JP] are u really studying Japanese if you don’t leave three meters of space between each grammatical element in a sentence
[JP again] also, last week we had our first lesson of the semester. The professor seemed more chaotic than usual, I think he’s happy to be in a classroom again :’) his lesson, however, felt like someone was reading a grammar book written by Joyce on hallucinogens. I can’t believe someone older than 5 can be constantly hyper for 1h30. My notes make sense, for the most part, anyway. No idea how, but they do
30 SEPT 2022 [CH] I will never write such a perfect 哥哥 in my whole life ever again. I peaked and it's all downhill from here. I can't believe it happened on a random piece of paper while exercising and not on an exam :(
+ cute 腿

9 SEPT 2022 [JP/CH] best 学 of my whole career + other somewhat good kanji

[JP] on my Japanese textbook there’s literally this in the vocab section: あ = ah (you say this when you realise something). I'm so glad they're teaching us basic human interaction too ^_^
29 AGO 2022 [JP] I don’t know why but this sentence took the last braincell I had and ran away with it - 私の友達はティラミスファンです
27 AGO 2022 [JP] I like my handriwting here, I think

the せ is hard. I can't stop writing it as the Chinese 也 which I also write in a very crappy way, so it's like an error inside of an error. Whatever
23 AGO 2022 [JP]

12 APR 2022 [ALL] Benjamin Affleck, Answered 6 years ago -
[…]However This isn't the best way to go about learning a language. You should always go with your gut on which culture, people, and places you are most interested in
[CH] a week ago I had lunch with my Chinese teacher. It was so amazing and I actually spoke in Chinese for the whole time. I had no idea I could do that. Like yeah, I can talk to a professor or express what's on my mind, but free conversation is so much more confusing. woah
[JP] I love my Japanese professor more than I love the language itself. good man
3 FEB 2022 [ALL] Jenny311
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Translation should not be done word by word, but meaning bu meaning.

user Jenny311 truly spitting words of wisdom
2 JAN 2022 [CH] turns out 华人 is written like that and not like 花人, and that Chinese people don't consider themselves as "flower people" :-(
28 DEC 2021 [CH] yesterday I started the free Chinese culture course made by a Chinese uni I mentioned earlier on this log. I can’t believe a university is willing to give out knowledge for free, but here we are. We're gonna have a 1h lesson every day for the next two weeks. This is my first time joining an international language learning class, there are so many different accents! I think I’ve only heard native Chinese and Chinese spoken with my country’s accent before this, it's so interesting. Also, there’s a dude whose name is literally “PhD [name]”, absolute king.
24 NOV 2021 [CH] today I learnt these two very cool words: 亟 - urgent and 疗 - treat/cure/therapy. 疗 is especially cool because it's composed by the illness radical and the character 了 which is the "particle of completed action"! :^))
9 NOV 2021 [CH] today we had to make a presentation about 一次精彩的旅行, a wonderful trip. I was extremely pessimist about the whole thing, as I said this new course is extremely hard for me, but I somehow did it in a kind of decent way? I think. And the best part is that I actually understood my teacher’s questions, for once, lol. So I’m very happy, but I still think I need a teacher/person to make conversation with.
I also applied to an online Chinese culture course made by a Chinese university! It was free!
[JP] OK, this isn't really about my language learning progress, but today I texted a guy from my uni on whatsapp; I never met him irl (just through a whatsapp group) and I asked him if he knew the Japanese professor (he doesn't study Japanese) and he said he never saw him irl but saw a lot of memes of him going around whatsapp LMAO. What a king
24 OCT 2021 [JP] I wrote this during a hiragana lesson. I thought it sounded like a nice name for a small cat. If I google it, a lot of pictures of a frail looking brown tent show up. I have no idea why

22 OCT 2021 [CH] honestly this new Chinese course (this semester’s level is HSK5) is kinda taking a toll on my life expectancy lmao. I’ve never struggled so much with Chinese, ever. But the weird thing is that I don’t think I’ve ever loved it this much? Haha lol. I mean, the more I do, the more I love it and the more I feel disgusted by the amount of things I don’t know and don’t understand
♡( •ॢ◡-ॢ)✧˖° ♡
[JP] my Japanese professor is the most chaotic good individual I've ever met in my entire life and I'm kind of addicted to his energy
20 OCT 2021 [CH] "时暧暧其将罢兮,结幽兰而延伫" - verse from 離騷 by 屈原