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The Convenience Store | 夜勤事件 (Chilla's Art)

First video I saw by him and my very favourite one. A comment (on another video on a game made by the same developer) said: "There's something oddly comforting about mundane/urban horror. Stuff like Night Delivery, Night Shift, Bloodwash, Norwood Hitchhike, etc. Especially when it's John playing since his style is usually more subdued and conversational." I couldn’t have said it better. It might seem odd, but the reason why I rewatch this one video and some other ones so often is exactly because they’re somewhat “comforting”. I guess it could be similar to the oddly cozy feel of old crime tv series, like Midsomer Murders or Twin Peaks. I’ll put this for all the videogames that in my opinion convey this feeling :)
Anyway, this game is Japanese. The player is an employer who works in a convenience store. The horror part is about some sort of paranormal activity, and it’s kind of a crescendo of weird stuff. I’d describe the graphics as old school, very beautiful in my opinion, and for the 300th time, oddly cozy.
Nightripper (Puppet Combo)

I really really loved this. The graphics are amazing, the story makes sense and it’s intriguing, it’s eerie and beautiful to look at. The player is a young waitress who just clocked out after her evening shift and has to walk through a rough part of the city to reach her apartment; in the meantime, a serial killer is driving around that same rough part looking for his next victim.
the Remothered saga

This is a compilation of 6 long videos; when I clicked on the first one I never expected to get past a quarter of the first one, but I watched all of them and really really loved the whole saga. It’s quite a contorted story, but really well executed and interesting. At first I thought it was only about medical experiments, but as the game unfolds it has a lot of paranormal and “magic” as well. The graphics are sharper, which make some of the most gory cut scenes a bit unbearable to watch.
Like Clay

Divided in four videos, I really enjoyed it, and I probably even prefer it to the remothered saga. The story is basically about an illegal religious cult based in an apartment complex in a german speaking country (I have the feeling it’s Switzerland but I can’t remember why). The player is the friend of a man who went missing, and he went to his apartment to find clues about what happened. The game seems to contain paranormal elements, but my very personal interpretation is that they’re not really paranormal (or related to the religion’s god) but it’s just the player’s paranoia building up.
Night Watch (Puppet Combo)

The player is a park ranger who’s on watch duty on the top of a tower in the middle of a huge forest. After a while, weird things start happening.

Tragically funny. John calls it “NightCringe”. It’s quite a long game, divided in 3 parts, and the story is somewhat contorted. In the first part you play as Monica (woman in the pictures), on a boat in the middle of the ocean. After she leaves a party early she sees her friend being killed by a vending machine (lol); the friend is actually murdered by the “Scissor Walker”, a sort of paranormal entity who wants to kill everyone (he was like inside of the machine or something). The elevator’s fuses break and Monica is stuck on that one floor with the scissor walker and she has to survive.
In the second part the player is Leonard, a professor, and the whole thing is set on a deserted island he spots from the boat. Turns out the island isn’t actually deserted, but it’s inhabited by people who seem to belong to an evil cult.
In the third and last part you’re back on the boat, playing as Rooney, a young girl who’s a “distant relative” of Leonard and who gets casually bullied by all the other characters. She has to escape from the scissor walker as well.
In general the story is cool, it’s just that the characters are really goofy and the execution is a bit too tacky. It’s also really gory, so if you’re not into that stuff you’ll have to skip some gross parts. I think the best part of this series is John’s commentary and not the game itself.
Stigmatized Property | 事故物件 (Chilla's Art)

Just fyi, in the linked video John plays three different games, Stigmatized Property is the first one. The other two are good as well, but in my opinion they can not compare to a Chilla’s Art game.
This one in particular is probably the one who gave me the most chills, the story really gets to me. It’s about a young girl who’s been invited to her classmate’s apartment, but when she goes there there’s no one at home. She finds his diary and tries to find the missing pages, wanting to find out what happened. We understand that the apartment the guy’s living in is haunted, which is why the rent is so cheap. The first pages of the diary are very happy, the guy just moved and he’s excited to start the new school year. Then, he says his mum is a bit weird and she won’t tell him about his dad (we also find a paper written by the house’s owner who says that if he doesn’t always find new tenants his parents get sick, among the other things, so maybe the evil spirits of the apartment are doing the same thing to the guy’s dad). The last page is short and scary, so the girl decides to go back home. There are two endings depending on the choices you make in the game: the good one, where she’s spared by the spirits, but the guy isn’t. Everyone forgets about him, and she does too. This is what freaks me out. Then the bad ending, she gets possessed too.
By the way, the girl’s tone of voice irritates me. It’s very whiney. And at 3:40, I feel like the shoes are the girl’s and not someone else’s, she’s just taking them off before getting inside the house, I think.
Escape Until Friday

Like Granny, Ice Scream, and Evil Nun (more about them at the end of the page), this is kind of a funny video, or at least John makes it funny. The player is a girl who’s been kidnapped by a dude and he’s daring her to escape. He’ll wait until friday, and if she still hasn’t escaped he’ll kill her. He contacts her via text messages, which is pretty hilarious.
Night of the Consumers

This is the least horror like game I’ve seen him play. I wouldn’t even call it horror. I think it’s a critique to the working condition of minimum wage jobs. You’re the new clerk in a supermarket, replacing the old one who basically rage quit as the job was too stressful and the manager and clients were horrible. You have to do your job and fill the shelves without being interrupted by the clients. If they catch you, they’ll ask you to find them something, and if you don’t find it in a limited amount of time it counts as a strike. On the third strike you’re fired. Once again, I really love the graphics, and I think it’s a cool concept.
From Next Door

Wonderful pixel graphics, I know I really loved watching it, but besides from that I can’t remember a single thing about the game. Sorry. But hey I still recommend it!
The Closing Shift | 閉店事件 (Chilla's Art)

just like John said, this is one of those games where you’re just trying to mind your own business and creepy stuff happens to you. In this case, it’s a stalker in love with us who’s trying to kill us, and we’re a girl working in a place that resembles Starbucks. I already wanted to write this page when I watched this video, so I wrote down all the jumpscare timestamps for you :) there u go: 22:43 • 30:05 • 40:26 • 43:10 • 44:57 • 50:33 • 51:32 • 51:58
Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa (Puppet Combo)

The concept is pretty silly, you’re on a (supposedly!) deserted planet that has a lot of gems and you’re there to pick them up so you can be super rich. I think the developers were trying to make a funny Christmas themed horror game. It’s still Puppet Combo though, so the game is actually well made and it has cool graphics.
The Ghost Train | 幽霊列車 (Chilla's Art)

Not my favourite by Chilla’s Art, but still good. The concept of a metro train connected to the afterlife is pretty creepy to me, but the execution is a bit vague. I don’t think there is any jumpscare. Cute cicadas.

Creepy, sad, funny and short videogame inspired by the Finnish Midsummer. The player is a young man bullied by his entire village and his own dad. He has to collect 7 flowers to throw in a well, without bumping into any villager or going into the fields (work is prohibited during the celebration, and if he gets into the fields the villagers will get mad). The more he bumps into the villagers or gets into the fields, the weaker he gets, until they get him and kill him. But if he manages to throw the 7 flowers in the well.......
Cool comments: “so the scarecrow description said that people with black hair is considered a "bad seed", and in the end we can see our protagonist indeed has black hair too. Small but interesting detail, their bullying was "justified" from their perspective” and “A child not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel it's warmth”.
Nun Massacre (Puppet Combo)

(jumpscare timestamps: 12:24 • 18:36 • 28:11 • 28:59 • 29:14 • 30:56 • 36:05 • 42:35)
The player is the mother of a girl called Janie. She sent Janie to a Catholic boarding school run by nuns, and she’s going to get her daughter because she fell sick. However, upon her arrival, she has to face this evil nun who’s trying to kill her. On the Puppet Combo’s wiki it says: The Nun's true nature is up to speculation, although heavily implied to be imaginary and an amalgamated manifestation of guilt based on her daughter Janie, her tormentor Mother Apollonia and Mrs. McDonnell (Janie’s mum) herself.
There are 5 different endings, John’s gameplay shows two of them.
I liked this game a lot, but it’s not my favourite by Puppet Combo. I prefer eeriness to actual blatant horror. Chilla’s Art made a very similar game to this one, I don’t know if it’s an actual sort of tribute to Puppet Combo or what? Anyway it’s called Aka Manto | 赤マント:

And it's like.... the same game. I like them just the same. In Aka Manto the mannequin parts collecting bit gets a bit too boring, but I prefer the antagonist. That red thing is more likeable than a psychotic nun with no eyes.
A Date In The Park

It’s a click and point type of game, which adds to the eeriness in my opinion? Click and point games seem very “innocent” to me, but also kind of unnerving, as there are no motion clues and very basic sound ones. The player is a British guy visiting Portugal. He met a girl in a bar and she told him to meet her in the park the next day, by the duck pond. Once he's there though, there is no sight of her or barely anyone else.
The Open House

Another super eerie click and point game. You’re a costumer viewing a house on your computer through a simulator.

SILLY HORROR GAMES - short list of cheap mobile horror games mainly thought for a younger audience. They’re still scary because of the jumpscares, but they’re mainly fun to watch because of John’s commentary.
Granny - pretty popular mobile game, very bad graphics. You’re stuck in your grandma’s house and she, or something that possessed her, or an evil twin (I never got what’s actually going on) is trying to kill you. John played multiple times and different versions of the game, and made a playlist dedicated to it.
Goodbye My King - same concept of Granny, but it’s like the middle ages and you’re in a castle. Multiple videos, no playlist.
Ice Scream - silly game where you witness the ice cream man kidnap a child (you’re a child too) and you have to rescue him
Sneak Thief - you’re a thief and you have to grab as much stuff as possible before the police kill you. Various videos, no playlist.
Evil Nun - it’s like someone combined Puppet Combo’s Nun Massacre and Granny. There are multiple videos but no playlist.