Hello Kitty 39


list of cool stuff I've found while on the internet. Always updating!

Arizona Pain Center, short story (I believe it's a short story?) by Karina Briski published on Shabby Doll House. I found it to be just delightful.
Classic Windows 95 and 98 Screensavers, youtube video. I was just a small child back then and I remember being in awe at these screensavers lol
Morning in Pyongyang, youtube video. Something about this literally cracks my heart, more than a lot of more sad things I've read or seen about NK. If it didn't represent such a cruel dictatorship, I think it could be heartbreaking in a good way, like how some films are.
Live Forever As You Are Now, on youtube. Video by Alan Resnick & others (I'm sorry I don't know who the other ppl are, I can't find any info on it, but I'm sure Ben O'Brien took part in it in some significant way). One of my favourite videos ever. Feels warm and fuzzy and scary and funny.
It Feels Like Forever, on vimeo. Starring Ben O'Brien. I should move this to "things that like, totally impacted me", because it did totally impact me. I used to watch it every sigle day like I did with "Catherine" by Jenny Slate. It's soothing and weird, and also empty (imo). It's just the best.
Tux and Fanny, on vimeo, by Albert Birney. He directed "It Feels Like Forever", and just like that video, this one is no different. Soothing and weird, but not empty. Just sweet.
Scott Disick's Shining Path of Least Resistance, a page here on neocities and the best thing I've ever encountered on this website.
Bryan Ropar's Plastic Chair World, it's a youtube channel created by Bryan Ropar, an autistic man. The link goes directly to his channel's about page, so you can read a bit about him before enjoying his videos. He's basically a plastic chair enthusiast, among the other things (I've seen he also has other channels). I really like his collection videos, I don't really watch the other ones.
The 10-Year Hunt for the Lost McDonald's DS Game, youtube video. Follow up here, BUT I recommend this video if you have a short attention span.
Animal Crossing: Wild World Town Tour - Suncombe, youtube video. Just the most adorable, lovely and stunning Animal Crossing town. Also, WW is the best AC version ever :'-)
Bon Bon Reserve, just a reserve in Australia named Bon Bon. How cute is that? I found it while playing Geoguessr.
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