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list of cool stuff I've found on the internet. Always updating!

List of last meals. It's a list of last meals requested by death row inmates. Notable mention: "A lump of dirt, which was denied. He settled for a cup of yogurt". Funny until you find out it was just because the individual practiced voodoo :/ I thought he was just being quirky
List of last words. Favourite part: "ironic last words"
Arizona Pain Center, short story (I believe it's a short story?) by Karina Briski published on Shabby Doll House. One of the best things I've read in my life.
Classic Windows 95 and 98 Screensavers, youtube video. I was just a small child back then and I remember being in awe at these screensavers lol
Morning in Pyongyang, youtube video. Something about this literally cracks my heart, more than a lot of more sad things I've read or seen about NK. If it didn't represent such a cruel dictatorship, I think it could be heartbreaking in a good way, like how some films are.
Live Forever As You Are Now, on youtube. Video by Alan Resnick & others (I'm sorry I don't know who the other ppl are, I can't find any info on it, but I'm sure Ben O'Brien took part in it in some significant way). One of my favourite videos ever. Feels warm and fuzzy and scary and funny.
It Feels Like Forever, on vimeo. Starring Ben O'Brien. I should move this to "things that like, totally impacted me", because it did totally impact me. I used to watch it every sigle day like I did with "Catherine" by Jenny Slate. It's soothing and weird, and also.. empty? It's just the best.
Tux and Fanny, on vimeo, by Albert Birney. He directed "It Feels Like Forever", and just like that video, this one is no different. Soothing and weird, but not empty. Just sweet.
Scott Disick's Shining Path of Least Resistance, a page here on neocities and the best thing I've ever encountered on this website.
Bryan Ropar's Plastic Chair World, it's a youtube channel created by Bryan Ropar, an autistic man. The link goes directly to his channel's about page, so you can read a bit about him before enjoying his videos. He's basically a plastic chair enthusiast, among the other things (I've seen he also has other channels). I really like his collection videos, I don't really watch the other ones.
The 10-Year Hunt for the Lost McDonald's DS Game, youtube video. Follow up here, BUT I recommend this video if you have a short attention span.
Animal Crossing: Wild World Town Tour - Suncombe, youtube video. Just the most adorable, lovely and stunning Animal Crossing town. Also, WW is the best AC version ever :'-)
Bon Bon Reserve, just a reserve in Australia named Bon Bon. How cute is that? I found it while playing Geoguessr.
The Toast Hawaii Wikipedia page has a "cancer risk" section.
List of cakes on Wikipedia. Cutest cakes: Angel food cake; Buko pandan cake; Frog cake; Jajan pasar; Punschkrapfen; Strawberry cake of course; Tompuce; Upside down cake. The onion cake sounded like a cursed recipe, turns out it's just scallion pancakes and other similar stuff.
Pizza in North Korea, a guy decided that for whatever reason going to NK and economically supporting it by doing so was gonna be fun. The first shot of the video is from a now deleted NK propagnda channel. Eerie, scary, etc, but most importantly at 6:22 the lady puts on the counter an Italian sunflower oil bottle, and at 7:43 they use an Italian pizza box. I just wanna know who the fuck is making business with North Korea from Italy.
New DPRK, the new NK "propaganda" channel. I'm not sure why they're doing it. On the information page, there's stuff written in English and Chinese (no Korean). The Chinese translation made me wonder.. I did see some glimpses of insanity on Chinese social media, praising how "genuine" NK life looks.
North Korea's propaganda vlogs, a sort of deep dive on the now deleted Echo DPRK and new channel New DPRK, if you're interested.
Angel's Egg (1985), full - I can't watch it. Too long. Maybe you can?
大山肉菜商店 - ИХ-УУЛ МАХ НОГООНЫ ДЭЛГҮҮР - place I found on Geoguessr. I used Google translate for the Russian transliteration, so if it's wrong I'm sorry.
SariaFan93, a Youtube channel with a lot of Sims 1 gameplay videos :')
Bark bread includes the bishop Pontoppidan among its enemies.
John Wolfe's youtube channel, I debated about whether to include this or not in this page for ages, lol. I’m not a big fan of horror films, I never played a horror videogame in my life, and I don’t like any horror videogames channels on youtube, except for this one, which is actually one of my favourite channels in general. John is a great videogame player and at the same time a great commentator, so it’s really easy to get engaged in his content even if the games he plays don’t usually interest me. I also really appreciate the fact that unlike a lot of other horror videogames channels I saw, he never exaggerates his reactions (no excessive screaming) and he’s very patient with finding all the clues and with playing the “whole” game, which makes it easy to appreciate the game itself, the graphics, the dialogues and the characters.
I’ll leave you a long list of my favourite videos with a little description about them, they can be quite different from one another, hopefully you’ll find one you like :) however, be careful: there will be jumpscares in most of the games he plays.
The Interlude, a videogame on itchi.io by Crawlspace, it's designed to be played in 10 minutes and it's described as an “anti-thriller”. You’re in a car waiting for someone. It’s raining outside and you can play on your “Lokia” phone. Apparently there are three different endings depending on what you do. Made me feel cozy :)
TCLB, on Bandcamp. They record stuff. My personal favourites: Costco Hold Music 2/6/2017, Running Errands On a Rainy Day and Some Recordings In A Grocery Store To Check Out The Microphone On My New Cellphone.
Pyongyang radio station, on radio garden. You'll be able to find many other stations from all over the world on there. I wonder how many people in Pyongyang listen to the radio. Almost all the songs I've listened to have a very tragic, 80s Eastern European vibe to them. The less tragic ones sound like Mao Zedong propaganda music.