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When I was a child me and my best friend absolutely adored video games. We had tons of them, a huge part coming from my older cousins and her older sisters, which means you'll find a lot of early 90s games here! We mainly played on pc and on nintendo consoles. I hope you'll like this collection, ..
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I read it when I was 17, which is exactly when I needed it. It was probably the only thing that resonated with me during those years. Really helped me stay half afloat. I read it again a billion times and I’m actually considering making a page that’s solely dedicated to it.
The best thing it gave me was a sense of comfort by describing the same loneliness and confusion and just emptiness I was feeling. Quote: “How many children had this happened to? How many children were like me, floating like plankton in the wide ocean?”

CATHERINE by Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp

I think I found this mini series like 1 or 2 years ago, and at first I used to watch it once or even twice every single day, for maybe one month. I don’t know why, but I love it so much. Here are two quotes by Jenny from an interview about it:
“Dean and I were talking about the idea of “what is normal and what is neutral.” Not trying to be being boring and not trying to not be funny, but what is exactly straight down the middle? What is it when you’re not trying to do anything? You’re not trying to be boring; you’re not necessarily trying to be funny. You’re just existing somewhere in the middle”
”Yeah. Well, you know what? I was also watching a lot of Twin Peaks at the time. I’m kind of reluctant [to mention it] because it’s not a Lynch spoof. To us, we were really motivated by wanting to do a new kind of thing, but at the time, I was watching a lot of Twin Peaks. It’s just so eerie, but sometimes it’s so funny and sometimes it’s really, really scary and it all exists in that one world. Yeah, I’m sure that was really in the front of my mind”

CHUNGKING EXPRESS (重慶森林) by Wong Kar-wai

Shot in Hong Kong, 1994, starring Faye Wong
All of my friends hate me because I don’t watch films. I made an exception with this one because I was totally mesmerised by the stills I saw around tumblr. And thank god I did, because it totally STOLE my heart. I don’t think I will ever stop thinking about it.
It’s so bittersweet and perfect. It’s exactly what I’d make if I were able to shoot and write a film.


No one will ever get me like Beach House's music. Everything that I've felt in my life is literally inside their melodies.
I spent the first half of 2017 being totally obsessed with Depression Cherry, then me, my best friend and my family went to my summer home, which is in a tiny village, and uhm. They had a concert date there. The venue was a place where I used to go sea-gaze to when I was a child. I don't think anything will ever top that. I'm still recovering from it.

REAPPEAR by Chris Zabriskie

Right below Beach House there's Chris Zabriskie, especially this album. It reminds me of the rainy evenings at my grandma's, and the walks me and my best friends used to have in the outskirts of our city, and in a way, of London (which is one of my very, very favourite places in the whole world).


My favourite book to this day and probably forever. The story itself has little (almost nothing) to do with me, but in a way it's the most similar thing to myself I've ever read. Quote: “deformed, glorious, cruel ravens used to fly on the steep meadows. You compared them to our teenage hood, as they looked around the school’s land a spot where to place their claws.”

PANDORA BRAITHWAITE, a charachter in the book series of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend (pics from tv adaptation; imo the actress is a beyond perfect choice)

My one and only When I was around 11 me and my family went on holiday to an idyllic yet completely dead area of Austria. All I did was horse riding and reading. I brought “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole” with me, which is still one of my favourite books. I don’t know much about Harry Potter, but I have to say Adrian, Pandora and Nigel remind me a bit of Harry, Hermione and Ron, if they weren’t wizards (also, fyi, Adrian Mole was published way before HP). Harry would have turned out as a sad but very smart loser (Adrian), Hermione would have kept being Hermione (Pandora), and without Harry being so interesting because of Voldemort, Ron would have turned out to be the “cool” one of the trio (Nigel). I’ve never particularly liked the character of Hermione (again I don’t know much about her, but I find her a bit exasperated) but I instantly fell in love with Pandora. To be fair to Hermione, she didn’t have to grow up through the cold politics of us muggles like Pandora did. She was very interested in left wing politics even at such a young age, and liked horse riding and weird boys, just like me. I loved her firm righteousness and her cold yet sweet femininity. I saw her as pale baby blue, which is my very favourite colour, and as a flawless version of myself.

CATHY'S BOOK by Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman and illustrated by Cathy Brigg

I read this when I was really young (like 12?) and I immediately loved it. I felt really connected to Cathy, and somehow to Emma as well, which is weird (they’re best friends but very, very different from each other, I think what the authors were going for here was to have those “you’re my opposite” kind of friendships). Cathy’s life is very messy, and that’s how I foresaw my teenage years- too bad Cathy’s type of messy was cool, interesting and adventurous, while my messy was just depressing, lol. But still “different”, which means I was able to learn a lot of important lessons you typically wouldn’t. I related to Emma because she was very severe on herself and very ambitious (in a way that’s not insufferable) and just.. dry/cold sometimes? Not that I’m your typical stone faced anime bae, I’m just introverted and I tend to mind my own business. Also, I’m still in love with Victor. The three of them will always have their own little space in my heart forever.

One of my favourite things about my generation is that a part of us (me included) grew up on the internet. So I have a vaste array of bizarre and shapeless memories of things I saw and read on the web. Kids have a very cryptic way to be online and I’m 100% convinced they find rabbit holes way easier than the rest of us. I remember one of my favourite pastimes was finding glitches in the video games I played on my computer, something I could never do now, due to a lack of time and not having anymore a mind so flexible to recognise and predict every single movement of the game’s world. My online experience was similar: I dug aimlessly in the vast web trying to find something, anything. One day I found this “lolita” blog, very simple, made by a teenager from eastern Europe. Everything about it was astonishing basic and.. cheap. She wasn’t even a real lolita, she just bought stuff from Primark and Tesco(!) and called it a day. Her makeup was messy and totally unflattering, and she often complained about her high school classmates. I really liked blogs like those, where the authors didn’t seem to care (or know how?) to show a filtered image of themselves and their life. I was shocked at how uncaringly she posed in her messy room, I had no idea you could show that. It was like peeping through her bedroom door. I wasn’t supposed to see her bad makeup and to hear how unpopular she was. On the brighter side of fashion blogs, everything was obsessively curated and artificial, and I saw that as the right thing to do. I followed this girl in kind of a morbid way, not understanding why she was letting her guard down right then and there on the internet. It was cool. Made me feel weird. Wish I could find her blog again.

ALWAYS ADDING STUFF :-) stay tuned and plz lmk if you also love any of these things!!!!!! xxxxxx