a list of all the teas I drank in my life, always updating
I totally copied this page idea from trapped's tea log!

Mlesna - Strawberry tea
       I love it

Tea 2 You - Jasmine Pearl Green
Tea 2 You - Earl Grey
       a friend recommended me this shop at the Borough        Market (London); the teas were both beyond amazing

Clipper - Strawberry green tea
       one of my go to’s :-)
Clipper - Cinnamon chai infusion “Love Me Truly”
       I don’t know why I got this, I hate cinnamon. Anyway I        guess it’s not too disgusting
Clipper - African roobios infusion
       big ew
Clipper - Pure green tea
Clipper - English breakfast
Clipper - Earl Grey

Twinings - Vanilla black tea
       a winter classic
Twinings - Moringa & litchi green tea
       one of my absolute favourites
Twinings - Earl Grey
Twinings - English Breakfast
       not bad, not amazing. They’re ok
Twinings - Four red fruits
Twinings - Peach black tea
       very good
Twinings - Chamomile and green mint
       I like it! Despite hating mint in tea/infuses (sorry), I like        it!
Twinings - Chamomile, honey and vanilla
       amazing! It tastes like a piece of honey candy
Twinings - Chamomile, tilia flowers and lime
       I don't feel like chamomile + citrus is a good idea. Its        drinkable.

Babingtons - "Blue Lady" tea
       I got it as a present for my mum. It's a Chinese sencha        green tea with cherry blossoms and tropical fruits. I really        like it, but it's not one of my favourites. Despite this long        list, my tastes are still pretty down to earth and I like to        taste the tea when I drink it. Can't really do it with this        one

Tick Tock - Naturally caffeine free roobios green tea
       I always get this from Whole Foods when I’m in London.        It’s good

Higher Living - Chamomile & Vanilla

English Tea Shop - Blueberry and elderflower white tea
       used to be obsessed with this tea to an unhealthy level.        Good thing I can’t find it anymore in my local shops
English Tea Shop - Red Berries
       very good (better than the "four red fruits" by Twinings)
English Tea Shop - Pomegranate green tea

Whittard’s - Chelsea Garden
       5/5 tea. Amazing. Great. Incredible
Whittard’s - Whisky black tea
       I got this for my dad. It’s ok. I wouldn’t buy it for myself

Holle - Baby Tea
       it’s a tea for infants. I’m not one, but I enjoyed it

Damman Frères - Jasmine green tea
       good. Used to be obsessed with it before going vegan.        Yeah tea is vegan, but I frequently went to eat cheesecake        with a friend and that’s where I drank this tea, like every        single time. When I stopped going there, I also stopped        drinking this tea... rip
Damman Frères - Flavoured black tea n.214 - Violette
       as a violet flavour addicted, this tea was underwhelming.        It probably isn’t for the majority of people, though
Damman Frères - Iced tea “Jardin Bleu”
Damman Frères - Iced tea “Bali”
       these teas are probably amazing, but I like my iced tea        with 3kg of sugar, which is something only the industry        can do. Or I can actually add 10 teaspoons of sugar in it,        but I’d feel too bad. So yeah I didn’t particularly like        these teas, but for dumb reasons

Yogi Tea - a vast array of flavours
       just awful. I tried and tried to like this brand, but at one        point I just had to call it quits and move on

Mlesna Tea - Soursop green tea
Mlesna Tea - Maple tea
Mlesna Tea - Apple tea
Mlesna Tea - Raspberry tea
Mlesna Tea - Peach apricot tea
Mlesna Tea - Mango tea
Mlesna Tea - Rose Celyon tea
       absolutely amazing! 5/5 (especially soursop)
Mlesna Tea - Lemon tea
       no. I don’t like lemon. Why did I buy this?
Mlesna Tea - Orange Pekoe tea
       I.... I didn't know "orange pekoe" was a type of Celyon        tea (right?). I thought it was just some nice old orange        flavoured tea :-( but it tastes good nonetheless

Crabtree & Evelyn - Earl Grey
       nice nice

Vegetal Progress SRL - Karoo African Drink
       I thought it was a tea, but I don’t think it is. It made me        wanna vomit

Altromercato - Mango & Vanilla black tea
Altromercato - Green tea
       your neutral good generic green tea

Ottogi - Ume plum tea
       it’s a Korean tea jelly. You put the jelly in your mug and        then pour hot water on it. Good. Cute little pieces of ume        plum floating around

Celestial Seasonings - Sleepytime herbal tea
       that spearmint……………. ugh…..… no :-(

Taylors - English Breakfast
Taylors - Earl Grey
       good good good

my local Rudolf Steiner School - Tilia Cordata dried leaves and flowers
       sometimes you need to step back and acknowledge that        there is indeed a “too much natural”. This infuse is where        I draw the goddamn line

favourite brands - Mlesna, Whittard, Tea2You
least favourite brands - Yogi Tea, I can’t stand it. Also I never buy Lipton because everyone hates it. I remember drinking their bottled iced tea and it was bad indeed, so I won’t venture further into the brand
brands you buy the most - Twinings, I find
it everywhere I go
favourite type of tea - white. I pretty much only get it in cafes/tearooms because I want it to be a special moment
least favourite type of tea - I haven’t drank oolong that much tbh, so I’d say that one. A lot of people don’t like pu’er but I think it’s fine. I'm also not a huge fan of matcha, and I hate matcha lattes. Which is weird because I love matcha flavoured cakes etc
favourite tea flavours - peach, violet, vanilla, strawberry, moringa & litchi, maple, soursop
least favourite tea flavours - cinnamon, lemon, ginger, liquorice, mint, the chai blend
pick a perfect tea for every season -
winter: vanilla black tea;
spring: moringa & litchi green tea or soursop green tea;
summer: strawberry green tea;
autumn: jasmine green tea.. or mandarin black tea!
how do you like your black tea? - usually with soy milk and/or sugar, or plain
how do you like your green tea? - plain
how do you like your white tea? - plain
most expensive tea you’ve tried? - when I was very young my parents brought me to a tearoom in Rome (Babingtons) and let me have a 20-something euros cup of tea. I remember it was a white tea and its description sounded like it was from a fantasy book, lol. Apparently they only used the most tender part of the tea plant, handpicked in China at dawn (why?!)