Red Cat Pointer

I started this collection at least 5 years ago. I buy them from a guy in my city who sells them outside of their mystery boxes, so people can choose what they want, which is so much better! I would have never started this collection otherwise, even if I really love them. I think they remade some series, which is why some of them might look slightly different; for example, I have the 2019 strawberry angel, which is strawberry pink (duh), while the ones that are sold now are red. The faces are also slightly different. I bought all of them between ≈2016-2019, so there aren’t any of the newest ones


WISHLIST: Red Panda (the new one), Floppy ears bunny, Strawberry shortcake birthday cake, Mount Fuji, Sprout (that I’ll never buy because it’s like €200 on ebay wtf)