2021 BOOKS

RATING:1 to 5

Pale Blue Ink in a Lady's Hand - Franz Werfel

pretty cool. The main character Leonidas reminds me of my worst flaws. Fave quotes (sorry if they sound off, I translated them from my native language):
“Only he knew that his confidence, his savoir-faire, his nonchalant elegance were nothing but imitations, strenuous disguises that he did not dare to abandon not even while sleeping”
“Oh how everything goes on in its own way! No need of concern. Besides, everything will be different (than we expect), and will come at its own pace”
(ENDING) “Leonidas knows with indescribable clarity that today an offer of salvation, obscure, subdued, irresolute like every offer of this kind was sent to him. He knows he wasn’t able to take it. He knows there won’t be any more”.

The Three Hundred Tang Poems - Anthology ½
On the Black Hill - Bruce Chatwin
more 2 come