I’ve received AC Wild World for Christmas when I was around 10, and since then I’ve never stopped playing. I never really wanted any other version, because to me ACWW was the best game ever, until this Christmas (’20) when I’ve received New Horizons! I’ve immediately fell in love with it on the first play (although WW remains the best!) and I love how now I can finally interact with people on it (yeah you can do that on wild world as well, but not when you’re 10 lols). One of my best friends has it as well and I just love to play with her. One day I would love to get the one you can play on the gamecube as well, but they seem so expensive :-(
I’m going to use this page mostly as a ACNH shrine, posting pics and whatnot. If you have it as well and would like to connect, lmk! I’d love to meet new players :-)



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